Employee Newsletter

July 2019 


Brandis Cox                     16 years

Debbie Galbraith            11 years

Silvana Parodi - Utz        11 years

Bobbie Guynup              10 years

Brittany Gaskill                 9 years

Jim Cowen                        7 years

Hallie Baird                        6 years

Tasha Golden                  6 years

Angela Joiner                   6 years

Angela Hall                       4 years

Elda Rubio                         4 years

Ashlyn Boone                   3 years

Jessica Sanchez             3 years

Ruth Wangui                     2 years

Jana Garza                       2 years

Connie Crawford            2 years

Lauren McLin                    2 years

Makayla Ashlock                1 year

Jamie Pugh                          1 year

Glenda Smith                      1 year

Sophia Stice                         1 year

Andrea Alvarez                   1 year

Rhonda Easley                    1 year

Esthel Lara                            1 year


Frankie Jefferson                 July 1

Rachel Dye                           July 2

Tori Foster                             July 7

Angelia Rogers                   July 7

Glen Kidd                             July 10

Jana Smith                           July 11

Dennis McGregor              July 13

Cortney Brown                   July 14

Lisa Blackwell                     July 19

Angie Dewaard                 July 21

Glenda Smith                    July 22

Janice Byrd                        July 23

Zulexie Seal                        July 23

Garry Matthews               July 23

Darla Savage                    July 24

Kayla Hatchcock              July 27

Debbie Messimer            July 29

Brittney Campbell           July 30

Diane McKinney               July 30

Gold Key Winner!

Welcome New Hires 



Anita Bell - Residential Instructor

Andrea Brickey - Clerk

Kristen Galloway - Client Trainer

Monica Goodnight - MH LVN II

Kacee Merrifield - MH LVN II


Pecan Valley has received several emails from what appeared to be an employee requesting that we change their Direct Deposit Information. Upon further investigation it was determined that the email was from a scammer.


As a reminder if you need to change your Direct

Deposit it can be done by logging into Paycom

and going into the Payroll module using the drop

down that says Direct Deposit. Please see example.


We would like for you to make the change yourself

but if you have problems you can call me at

817 579-4420  and I can give you a tutorial on the

process.  For security purposes I will ask for your

Social Security Number.  


We received an email last week from First Financial Bank in regards to the current scam.










Employee of the Quarter

Program Updates

Upcoming Activities: 

July 2nd - Cookout and water games to celebrate the 4th

July 9th - Painting class

July 11th - Cooking class

July 15th & 17th - Arts and Crafts (making dream catchers)

July 23rd - Women will be getting hair and nails done while the men go to a movie

- Mark Chavez, Chief of IDD Services

Weatherford LSC

Cleburne Clinic had some remodeling done to the front of our building and it really looks nice! We've also rearranged some office space for our Intake Team.

                                                                 - Stephanie Durham , Clinic Manager

Cleburne Clinic

At the Cleburne LSC we are currently revamping our program to be able to incorporate more community service outing such as volunteering with Meals On Wheels. We would like to get the individuals out and feeling like productive members of their community. The individuals are also preparing to create their own little gardens of flowers. 

- Mark Chavez, Cheif of IDD Services

Cleburne LSC

They started getting the flooring installed this week, and think it will be done in a few days.  Then hopefully the odds and ends will be done along with the landscaping and we will be almost ready to move in.  Of course we will have to pack up things to get moved.  I may be working weekends to get six years of accumulated prized possessions packed up.  We are all extremely excited to be moving.  We expect to get lost a few times at first because there will be so much room!!  Come see us in about a month!

- Janice Byrd, Clinic Manager

Mineral Wells Clinic

Staff Day 

Staff Day 2019 was a success again this year! A big thanks to everyone that made the day possible! 



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