What's Happening?

Plans for Reopening

You are all probably wondering the same thing.  When are we going to go back to normal operations at PVC?!  Every Monday morning your Executive Team meets and discusses this very thing.  We have learned many lessons throughout this pandemic that will redefine the word ‘normal operations’ going forward.  For example, we think more people will work from home in the future than before the pandemic. 


To reopen we think a gradual return to the offices throughout this month for some staff should begin now.  We do not know if we will be fully open in our mental health clinics by the end of May or not but we feel it is time to start making a move in that direction now.  I will note, as long as the Medicaid modifications are approved by HHSC and CMS, we will have more leeway in the provision of some of our services.  The continuation or discontinuation of these Medicaid modifications will have a direct impact on our reopening.  We have been preparing for reopening by ordering PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and masks.  We also have hand sanitizer arriving that will go in our wall dispensers. 


Governor Abbott has extended the state emergency declaration.  He has been doing that for one month at a time since March 13th.  So, we can assume this declaration is good until about June 13th perhaps.  This declaration affects federal aid to Texas more than anything else.  His declaration does not mean CMS will extend their Medicaid modifications. 


So, what are the details of how we reopen and when do we reopen.  As a healthcare provider, there are many things we have to consider when making these decisions. First and foremost, we must be available to provide the services that our clients and community require of us. To achieve this, we must have staff ready to always be available to provide these much needed services.


Therefore, the following directives will be in effect through the remainder of this month.


  1. All employees are encouraged to return to their work facilities or programs, with the exception of ACT Case Managers, Peer Providers, Intensive Case Managers, FEP Case Managers, WRAP Case Managers, and TCOOMMI Case Managers. For all other staff, if anyone has concerns of returning to work at this time, please have them speak to their supervisors. Supervisors – please call HR for assistance and to provide guidance.


  1. All annex facilities that were previously closed can now be reopened (Intake facilities and Waco St. building), with the understanding that only staff will be allowed in  the buildings. These facilities are not yet ready for clients to enter. During the next few weeks, managers of these facilities are being asked to use staff to sanitize and thoroughly clean these locations. If maintenance work is needed, please submit workorders in as soon as possible. Additionally, the Intake annex facility on Sante Fe should remain closed until the end of this month or until the expansion of internet services has been completed.


  1. Life Skill Centers (LSCs) will continue to remain closed and will continue to follow state guidelines that are being provided to nursing homes.


  1. Please continue to maintain appropriate social distancing and other precautionary measures during this time.


  1. Temperature checks and COVID-19 screenings will continue to be conducted at each facility.


  1. Please continue to limit clients in waiting rooms. Encourage clients to wait in their cars or outside of our buildings, when feasible. If clients choose to wait in our building, please make appropriate accommodations that allow for appropriate social distancing.


  1. Client Medication pick up and walk-in crisis will continue to be allowed.



These directives are in effect through Friday, May 29th or until further updates are provided.  The 2 meals per week reimbursement is also renewed through the end of May. 

Thank you!



Staff Day

Due to the very strange times we are currently living in, staff day has been postponed. As of right now we are planning on rescheduling although, we aren't sure when. We will keep everyone updated and let you know when we have picked a new date for Staff Day 2020.

Nurses Week

The first week of May was Nurses Week! A Huge thank you to all of our Pecan Valley Nurses. We appreciate everything you do!

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