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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Information

Pecan Valley Centers Response to COVID-19

To Pecan Valley Centers Clients and Families and Community Partners:

During this pandemic our services will remain open with no change in our hours of operation.  Pecan Valley Centers is a health care organization and many individuals, families and community partners depend on our services every day and all hours of the day.  It’s times like this that demand for mental health services often increase.  Therefore, our goal is to keep our doors open as usual but modify some of our services to telephonic and videoconference as much as possible.  We think this is a reasonable response that will help keep individuals and staff as healthy and safe from exposure to infection as possible.  This also aligns with recommendations from the Office of Governor Abbott as well as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.  

Therefore, for the next few weeks, we are asking all individuals currently receiving mental health services from Pecan Valley Centers to please be aware that our staff will be contacting you primarily by phone until this pandemic is under control.  If you are unable to utilize this option, please reach out to your case manager or clinic in your county to discuss what options are available.  


Intake and Admission Services:


All routine intake services will be by appointment only for the next few weeks.  Please call the Intake/Crisis Hot Line to set that up at 1.800.772.5987.  This service will begin with a phone call. 


Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams:


All crisis services will be available 24/7 just as they are now.  More telephonic screening may occur prior to the face to face assessment.  Our Crisis Hot Line is 1.800.772.5987.


Clinic Based Services:

For all services at Pecan Valley Centers Mental Health Outpatient Clinics please call ahead first and make an appointment.  This includes doctor appointments, medication pick up, counseling and meeting with Case Managers.  When attending appointments at the clinics, please do not bring other family members or guests. If you rely on them for transportation, we ask that they wait in their vehicles or come back to pick you up later after your appointment concludes.  All persons entering a Pecan Valley Centers facility will be screened for COVID-19 risk, including taking your temperature. 


Home Based Services:


Many services are provided in individuals homes.  Before one of our staff make a visit to your home we will be conducting phone screenings. Please be aware that staff that visit your home could be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This can include face masks, gowns, gloves, and protective eyewear. Our staff might also ask for you to wear a mask if you or a family member in the home has had any signs or symptoms of a respiratory illness.


In conclusion, Pecan Valley Centers is dedicated to serving our community with few service delivery modifications as possible in the face of this pandemic.  Things will temporarily look differently for those receiving services. We want you to know that we are taking your health and wellness very seriously.  We also want to make sure you are getting the service you need.  Please notify your Case Manager if you are ill and running a fever.   

As the situation rapidly evolves, we will continue to monitor and provide additional guidance when available through the Center for Disease Control and the Department of State Health Services. Thank you for your support as we work to ensure the safety of the people we serve and staff.


If you are in a crisis, please call 1-800-772-5987.  Our Mobile Crisis Outreach Team provides a combination of face-to-face, 24-hour crisis services to children, adolescents and adults.



Coke Beatty

Executive Director

Pecan Valley Centers

Crisis During Covid

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