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Intellectual & Developmental disabilities

In the Texas MHMR system, Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) is defined as a usually permanent condition originating sometime between birth and age 18. The person's general intellectual functioning is significantly below average (roughly an IQ of 70 or below) and his or her behavior does not meet the level of personal independence and social responsibility expected of the person's age and culture. IDD is found among all races and cultures.  An estimated three percent of the population has IDD.


IDD Services provides services and support for eligible persons with IDD or pervasive development disorder in individual, family, and foster homes as well as in alternative living residences and small group homes. Vocational Services and supports are provided through job placements in businesses throughout the community and at training and affirmative business sites.


  • Must live within Pecan Valley Centers service area. 

  • Must be age 3 years or older and have a diagnosis of IDD, autism, or pervasive developmental disorder.

  • Children 0-3 can access Early Childhood Intervention Services. 

  • Must meet criteria for admission to the specific program perseverance. 


Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) - Program for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability. It is a community-based residential service option provided in homes with six or fewer individuals. This ICF/IID program provides similar services provided in an HCS residential home.


The services include:

Personalized Care

  • Individualized Skills Training;

  • Nutrition and Dietary Support;

  • 24/7 Nursing Services.

  • Medical Appointments and Transportation;

Community Inclusion Activities 

  • Day Habilitation Center;

  • Vocational Training;

  • Employment Opportunities;

  • Outings such as Church, Shopping and Parties.

If you choose to access the ICF/IID residential option, you are able to keep your current placement on interest lists for home and community-based waiver services, such as HCS, Texas Home Living, Community Living Assistance and Support Services, and Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities programs.


For information about the ICF/IID program, please visit: 

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IID) | Texas Health and Human Services 

If you are interested in this residential option, contact us at 1-866-948-7198. We will assist you in applying for the service. The application process for admission to an ICF/IID involves sharing an individual’s diagnosis and medical and support needs with ICF/IID providers to ensure they have the appropriate services and resources to best meet an individual’s needs.  


Day Programs - 21 years and older who are not enrolled in school

Provides training to assist consumers to become employed or to increase skills in daily living.


Residential Services - 18 years and older

Pecan Valley Centers provides residential services in group homes designed for 3 to 4 people throughout Pecan Valley Centers catchment area. Pecan Valley Centers operates these homes 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The homes are funded through Home and Community Based Services funding.


Supported Home Living

Pecan Valley Centers Supported Home Living program offers support to eligible families in the community setting who might otherwise require services in an institutional or residential setting. Trained and experienced staff provides children and adults with daily living skills and other individualized needs as determined in their “Person Directed Plan”.


Foster & Companion Care (HCS only)

Both Foster and Companion care help the consumer with daily living activities such as grooming, eating, dressing, and personal hygiene-as well as independent living tasks such as securing and providing transportation, housekeeping, and others.

Foster Care is usually defined as providing care to one or more people with disabilities in a family home. The provider is unrelated to the individual(s).

Companion Care is usually defined as providing care to one person with disabilities in an apartment or home shared by both parties. The provider may or may not be related to the individual. 


Respite - All ages

Emergency or planned short-term care and supervision. Pecan Valley offers in-home and out-of-home respite for children and adults with IDD. Each IDD Center offers out-of-home respite activity by trained staff. Additional respite is also offered through contracted providers.


Service Coordination - All ages

Service Coordination provides assistance for individuals and families to access support services that will help a person achieve a quality of life and level of community participation through individualized planning, authorization, linkage, coordination, and monitoring of services.


Community Supports - All ages

Provides independent living skills training to enhance community living. 


Vocational Services21 years of age and older

Vocation services provide an array of individualized supports that enable people to participate in work that they choose. Services are designed to assess interests, develop skills and abilities, and encourage participation in the community. People are supported to work in individualized competitive employment in the community, as well as site-based vocational training services operated by Pecan Valley Centers.


The following services may be applied for directly.


Home and Community Based Services (HCS) Program Waiting List - All ages 

Links individuals to a comprehensive service system that is community-based.


Texas Home Living Waiver Program (TxHmL)

Provides essential services and support so that individuals of all ages can continue to live with their families or in their own homes in the community


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