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Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) is a federally mandated program that requires all states to pre-screen all individuals seeking admission to a Medicaid certified nursing facility. 
PASRR must be administered to identify

  • Individuals with Mental Illness (MI), Intellectual Disability (ID) or Developmental Disability (DD)/ Related Conditions (RC) 

  • Eligibility for Medical Necessity in a nursing facility

  • Eligibility for Specialized Services


The purpose of the screen is to

  • Determine whether an individual identified as having evidence or an indication of mental illness, intellectual disability, or developmental disability.

The purpose of the PASRR Evaluation is to

  • Determine if the individual meets a PASRR qualifying diagnosis based on the Code of Federal Regulations

  • To identify alternate placement options when applicable and to identify specialized services that may benefit the individual

  • Local Authority (MHMR) refers to agencies that contract with the state to provide services for persons with intellectual, developmental disabilities or a related condition


Resources for PASRR Information:

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